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 PWN4GE Mix 2 Sucks!WhateverGoodAWESOME!
File: PWN4GE Mix 2
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bigPUSSY: heyy
dizzymaster: biiigg boyy
boss_G: faggit dizzy is jazz manhas from canada
dizzymaster: boos g is kevin chand from burnaby
bigPUSSY: jazz manhas? i look him up on facebook
boss_G: kk
bigPUSSY: is he hot?
boss_G: hes hot as fuck
dizzymaster: dizyyyyy
dizzymaster: yo what game u playin
boss_G: gay faggit
bigPUSSY: hey wanna stick ur chode in my cock
bigPUSSY: hey?
dizzymaster: come here
boss_G: hey big pussy
boss_G: cant im in china
bigPUSSY: im in florida
boss_G: shut up faggit alejandro
bigPUSSY: faggit
boss_G: hi alejandro
boss_G: my name is chuckie
boss_G: end of boss hd
bigPUSSY: im aljeandro gasper lopez and im gay =0
Cupcakegurl: Hey Alejandro gaspar Lopez I'm also gay :)
Cupcakegurl: Y don't u boys say NE thing my blue waffle is wet for u boys ahhhhh ohhhhh eeeeede
Cupcakegurl: Hey dizzymaster
bigPUSSY: pussy?
boss_G: cupcake girl r u from ps3?
bigPUSSY: yea the girl that sent us bluewaffle?
bigPUSSY: jazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiieieee
bigPUSSY: hey jizzie
Cupcakegurl: Hey bigpussy shit mofo go suck dizzys dick
bigPUSSY: yo
bigPUSSY: kevin
bradleybrand: lol
bigPUSSY: hey bradlybrand wanna fuck?
bigPUSSY: my name is stacy barbour
bigPUSSY: soryy my real name is celine barbour
bradleybrand: wtf lol
bigPUSSY: well do u?
bigPUSSY: wanna fuck my in my tight little pussy?
boss_G: i wanna lick ur bluewaffle
bigPUSSY: lets fuck baby
boss_G: where and when?
bigPUSSY: i live in burnaby canada
boss_G: i live in burnaby too
bigPUSSY: tonigh 10 oclock
boss_G: k pick me up at metro
boss_G: ill be wit my mom
bigPUSSY: im so horny
bigPUSSY: ew lol wanna 3way?
boss_G: noo shes a milf
bigPUSSY: even better
boss_G: but she gay
bigPUSSY: cum in my pussy
boss_G: wtf im a gitl
bigPUSSY: o thats still ok we can still have sex
boss_G: i dnt wanna get in shit
bigPUSSY: lesbian sex
boss_G: im a guy bro
boss_G: suck my dick
bigPUSSY: wait u said u werea girl
bigPUSSY: wanna fuck anyways
Cupcakegurl: hey big pussy i wanna u up my ass
Cupcakegurl: ed
bigPUSSY: this is a aonline cyber
Cupcakegurl: alejandro and kevin and bradley and jizzy fuck me
bigPUSSY: who r u?
Cupcakegurl: im a biosexual
Cupcakegurl: i like to rape little boys and girls
bigPUSSY: wanna fuck u lil cunt
bigPUSSY: look to ur left
Cupcakegurl: i no santa and if u dnt fuck me he gonna put u on his naughty list
bigPUSSY: ooo
Cupcakegurl: so how big your dick boss g
bigPUSSY: uh uh yes yes please harder harder omg i think im gunna c..ccuuum OOOOO
boss_G: its pretty big
boss_G: 1.5"\
bigPUSSY: fuck u marko
boss_G: cupcake gurl wats ur number
Cupcakegurl: hey marko
bigPUSSY: hey wanna shove a cupecake in my ass
bigPUSSY: im gay
bigPUSSY: wtf
kaa411: sorry hate to be a bother but how do I block the chat?
bigPUSSY: u cant u pussy
crawancon: hello humans
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